The greatest benefit

Is the awakening of an inner joy that you may have never known was there. You become able to open your heart to yourself at a deep level.

Flowing with grace, every breath and thought is a prayer, every movement is a choice of letting go, and in every touch, a ritual.

Divine unconditional love, awakening, healing, and/or transformation that is perfect for you.

You become able to open your heart to yourself at a deep level and make changes in your life that are aligned with your heart’s desires.


Gaining mastery

Of your sexual energy, you manifest loving and fulfilling relationships, expand your capacity for spiritual ecstasy, and improve your health and vitality.

It will change your life forever. Stress, difficulties in relationship, loneliness, sexual complexes, shyness, need of love and connection, just simple desire to exchange the gentle touch.


Tantric Massage & Coaching

  • Awakening the heart-genital energy connection,
  • Learn Tantric Erotic Touch
  • The power of breath for full-body multiple orgasms,
  • Integrating sex and spirit. Love as a spiritual practice,
  • Channeling sexual energy for personal and planetary healing,
  • Ejaculation mastery & non-ejaculatory orgasm for men.
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Any intimacy or sexual issues
  • Pleasure without a goal

Many men and women have never experienced erotic touch from another person, free from the worry of demands for something “more sexual” in return.


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Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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